Rental Advice


In terms of do’s and don’ts the following is a guide that helps identify the responsibilities of all involved:

Some of the duties of the landlord include:

  • Keep the premises fit and habitable 
  • Keep the common areas safe 
  • Comply with building, housing, health and safety codes 
  • Keep all systems in good working order – plumbing, electrical, heating, etc 
  • Maintain all required appliances and equipment 
  • Provide, in most cases, running water and reasonable amounts of hot water and heat 
  • Give adequate notice, at least 24 hours before entering a tenant’s unit – except in emergencies. Enter only at reasonable times. 

Some of the duties of the tenants include:

  • Pay a bond and your rent on time 
  •  Keep the premises safe and sanitary 
  • Dispose of rubbish in the proper manner 
  • Keep the plumbing fixtures as clean as their conditions permits 
  • Use electrical and plumbing fixtures properly 
  • Comply with housing, health, and safety codes that apply to tenants 
  • Refrain from damaging the premises and keep guests from causing damage 
  • Maintain appliances supplied by the landlord in good working order 
  • Permit landlord to enter the dwelling unit if the request is reasonable and proper notice is given
  • Comply with state or municipal drug laws in connection with the premises and require household members and guests to do likewise

It’s always wise to sit down with the leasing agent and go over any concerns you have or are unsure of.

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